Cyber Genie NFT Universe

Who is your genie for today?

Meet people who can fulfill your wishes – it's only a tap away! Pay for services you need with your own skills! Want to earn crypto coins? Join our community and start fulfilling wishes.

Via our algorithms, the Cyber Genie app will find your genie match!

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Our Cyber Genie Project in 1 Minute

5K unique NFT pieces

A collection of 5K Non-Fungible cyber genie avatars, deployed on the Ethereum & Polygon Network. With 20 properties & more than a 100 hand-crafted traits assuring the uniqueness of each art piece.

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Participate in events, giveaways and gain access to exclusive minting & much more.

Card deck of the cyber genie nft collection.

Utilities for our NFT holders


We are the cyber genies. We utilise technology to fulfill wishes around the globe. The cyber genie's magic is technology. We revolutionised the looks of the genie while preserving its Middle Eastern heritage. Power, confidence and courage is what we convey in our art.

  • Artwork that you can use in both ways, as a card collectible and as a avatar


  • NFT community gets exclusive access to our Beta cyber genie app to exchange services and fulfill wishes
  • Receive cyber genie tokens that can be used to buy services from existing cyber genie peers in our virtual community


  • Be a part of an exclusive community. A community for cyber genies all around the globe. Our philosophy is all about fulfilling wishes. Meet like-minded people that are ready to fulfill your wish
  • Our NFT holders will get a 15% discount on upcoming NFT releases - 2nd generation? 3D cyber genies? So much yet to come
  • Exclusive access and discussions with the founders of the Cyber Genie Community for rare NFT holders

Specials offers for NFT holders

  • Cyber genie token airdrops
  • Higher rankings in the cyber genie community & better visibility as verified “1st Genies” in the app
  • Exclusive offers & gifts for “rare” cards holders
  • Vote on upcoming features that you desire to have next in our app (DAO)
  • Evolve your NFT via “merging” it with new items/superpowers in the app - which increases rarity and benefits

Your cyber genie as a card collectible & avatar

We, fulfilling wishes all over the globe, are proud to display ourselves as cyber genies on all social media & online platforms. However, we wanted to create more for our community.

Our cyber genie NFT can & will be used as a card in our upcoming app. In our app we will be utilising our NFTs as cyber genie avatars so that each one of us can display the art piece that he owns, help people and earn tokens. Depending on the rarity of each card, cyber genies will enjoy diverse benefits.

Birth of the first genie

Adev was created from an element called curiosity, a unique trait that made him one of the rarest creations in the whole simulation. He learned, explored and discovered. Everything he needed, he had. Yet, he continued to ask...

Adev is searching with his computer incessantly trying to find new technologies that can change his life.
Adev finds the blockchain technology and starts mining.
A warning message appears on the screen “You shall become immortal. All your wishes will be granted”
Adev accepts the challenge and starts decrypting.
The cyber genie logo appears with a message on the screen “You have unlocked the trait of all traits. You are now the most powerful being in the simulation – The Cyber Genie.”
Adev is transformed into a cyber genie and is granted all the powers.
The cyber genie Adev is sucked into the computer through the screen.
The cyber genie starts using his powers and manipulating the blockchain to his own advantage.
The cyber genie is sitting on the throne and thinking that with all that power but still not satisfied and happy.
The cyber genie finds a way to become a human again. However, there is a price…
The cyber genie discovers that “In order to free yourself, you need to fulfill others' wishes.”
The cyber genie starts helping others and begins transforming back into a human Adev. Each time you help another person. Your chain to the block will become weaker… until one day you will break free and be human once more.


20 properties and more than 100 highly detailed traits merging the future & the authentic Middle Eastern heritage of the genie.

Cyber genie sample NFT to show the different NFT collection traits.














Face Grid

Face Grid

Facial Expression

Facial Expression

Forehead Symbol

Forehead Symbol







Hand Object

Hand Object



Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts










Cyber Genie's first drop

January 2023


Imagine having access to a world of cyber genies that can fulfill your every wish. A genie that can consult you in any area you need. Are you searching for a genie who can give you some marketing tips? Or solve a challenge you’re having in your project at work? A genie who can even show you step by step how to prepare Hummus in an authentic oriental way? Take a look on our upcoming app.

Find your genie match

Find genies that offer what you needYou think your genie can fulfill your wish?Summon your genie

Mobile screenshot of the Matching functionality in the cyber genie app.

Instant help

Keywords matchEasy, quick & preciseSorting & filter

Mobile screenshot of the search and filter functionality in the cyber genie app.


Earn coinsExpand your networkPay with your skill

Mobile screenshot of the transaction functionality in the cyber genie app.


Q3 2022

Our Cyber Genie NFT Collection

  • Reserve your NFT cyber genie avatar, to be used in the world that we’ll create together
  • Whitelist spots allocated to early community members
  • Finalise our app's functional prototype
  • Sell out our collection to kickoff our second milestone: Development of Beta App
Q4 2022

Expand team & launch Beta App

  • iOS & Android Beta version
  • All functionalities needed to fulfill your wishes will be ready in the app (Exclusive access for NFT Holders)
  • Airdrops and special offers for NFT holders
  • Execute two international donation projects
  • Seed partnerships to strengthen our cyber genie community
Q1 2023

Optimize & Launch 2nd NFT Generation

  • Measure, learn & optimize app
  • Introduce new app features
  • Launch a 2nd generation NFT collection – 30% of NFT holders raffled from the 1st generation, will have the priority to collect
Q2 2023

Build the cornerstone for our independent & sustainable economy

  • Tokenization: introducing our CyberGenie coin that will be used in the app to buy, sell and share your skills & talents
  • Airdrops & valuable rewards for those who believed in our vision. Our NFT holders
  • Execute two international donation projects
Q3 2023

We Scale

  • Expand team & infrastructure
  • Meet, help & donate to cyber genie fellows globally
  • Start earning CyberGenie tokens via sharing your talents & services with the community
  • Aggressive marketing - we aim to scale and market our app on a global level. Summon genies all over the world
  • Launch Beta community governance & DAO for token holders
  • Transactions of services will be concluded via smart contracts


Vision for our community? We want to become the genies of the world. We will revolutionize the world via fulfilling wishes all around the globe.

Join us on our channels to stay updated to our upcoming news. Help us build the “Genies of the World”. We are here to fulfill wishes. We are here to make a change.

Vision & Philosophy


We are experiencing a technological revolution that offers us the possibility to create what we once thought was impossible. Join the ride and help us realize our vision – the vision to create a sustainable skill-oriented economy where people can fulfill each other’s needs & wishes.

A world full of genies. Whatever wish you have, can and will be fulfilled.

Imagine a place where you can directly connect with people tailored to your specific needs. Connect with people that offer you real value. Build your real social network.

Imagine a community that is self-sufficient. An independent community that has its own value-backed currency.


Our product will serve us as an instrument to realize our vision - Our vision of having a sustainable, skill oriented and independent community & economy. It is not about what we as a company think is right, but it is indeed what our community needs and wants. Therefore, our Philosophy: Co-create

Together with our community we will further develop our product, step by step & feature by feature.

Together with our community we will vote on future projects and milestones.

Together we build, measure, learn and rebuild.


How can I get a cyber genie NFT?

You will be able to mint cyber genies on our website or Discord server. Our mint is scheduled for October 2022 (exact date will be announced soon).

How is this different from every other PFP or NFT Project?

We are a team that appreciates art to the utmost level; Our NFT collection will help build the foundation of the cyber genie app. We are shaping the future of freelancing and bartering. If you are a cyber genie, you will benefit from diverse utilities in the eco system that we’re establishing together.

How much will it cost to mint?

Each cyber genie will be minted at 0.1 ETH + Gas and will be limited to 5 per transaction. Whitelist day will be announced soon.

What charity projects are you planing?

We are the cyber genies of the world. As a community our goal is to fulfill wishes all over the globe. Helping children in need is our biggest focus and planning humanitarian projects for victims of war and hunger. We will be sharing everything transparently as we all desire it to be.

Are any NFTs withheld from sale?

Yes, 150 NFTs will be held for the team, marketing and giveaways.

What blockchains are we deploying on?

Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains using the ERC721 standard.

When is the App going to be launched?

Our Beta version will be launched in 2.5 months after our mint concludes. It will be accessible for both iOS & Android. Check our roadmap for an overview of upcoming milestones.

Reveal Type?

Each cyber genie will be revealed 24 hours after minting ends. Announcement will be made in Discord with the exact time of reveal.



Vision & Strategy


Tech & Product


PM, Design & Art


Finance & Legal


Art Advisor




Web3 Advisor


08/09/2022 - most recent

Yahoo Finance

The Future of Bartering & Freelancing



The Future of Bartering & Freelancing


Fundscene Magazine

Presenting The Cyber Genie as a fresh App-backed NFT Use Case


IGC University of Applied Sciences

Entrepreneurship & Web3 - @ min 31:00 The Cyber Genie part starts


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